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Reder Landscaping Irrigation Weathermatic Water Conserving sprinkler systemsReder Landscaping is proud to be installing Weathermatic’s award-winning irrigation systems and products. Weathermatic products have been installed in over 70 countries and notable sites including the U.S. Capital Building, Buckingham Palace, America’s largest home – Biltmore Estate, and the College Football Hall of Fame.

Weathermatic’s patented Smartline Irrigation family continues to spawn new innovations in water conservation and irrigation technology.  The Smartline controllers and on-site weather stations represent a major leap forward in irrigation technology and convenience.  Precision control, lasting durability and affordable prices make Weathermatic systems the smart choice.

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Effective Water Management

The Weathermatic Controller has a built in valve locater, fuse and amp tester for quick and efficient service.  Lightning strike warranty and battery-less operation give you peace of mind and added value.  Controllers can be integrated with an optional weather station so your system can compensate for wind, rain, and excessive heat or humidity!  Remote controllers are coming soon.

Better Parts, Longer Warranty

Weathermatic is the only company in the industry to water test 100% of their heads before leaving the factory, and the first to have a 5 year warranty on rotor heads and valves.  Rotor heads have a built-in check valve, another industry first, preventing unnecessary water loss and saving you water and money!  Weathermatic valves only fail in the closed position – once again an industry first

The Right Amount of Water

For water conservation and efficiency we offer Drip Irrigation with Pressure Compensating Emitters and Micro-Spray Heads.  Great for your landscape beds, it puts water in the root zone where the plants need it.  The right amount of water – no more, no less.



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