How to Measure for Mulch

///How to Measure for Mulch
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How Much Mulch Do You Need?

Mulch is measured in cubic yards. The basic calculation for obtaining cubic yards is:

[Length (in ft) x Width (in ft) x Depth (in ft)] divided by 27 = cubic yards 

Typically a depth of 3″ of mulch is recommend for a new area,
and 1-2″ of mulch for top dressing a previously mulched area.  

A depth of 1″ = .083 ft.

A depth of 2″ = .166 ft.

A depth of 3″ = .25 ft.

Take the number of cubic yards and round up to ensure you’ll have enough to cover your area.
There may be deep and shallow variations in your landscape area, so it’s recommended to
have a little bit extra mulch so that you can create an even surface.

If you’re mulching multiple areas, it is best to calculate how much you need for each area,
then add your totals together.

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