Landscape Winterization Checklist

///Landscape Winterization Checklist
Landscape Winterization Checklist 2017-04-10T17:51:49+00:00
Here’s a handy checklist for easing your mid-Michigan landscape into the winter months to help ensure it comes back beautifully in the spring.

Lawn Care

  1. Be sure to remove as many leaves and twigs as possible before the snow flies.
  2. Lower your mower 1 or 2 settings for the last mow of the year.  This helps prevent snow mold damage in the spring.
  3. Apply a good medium range nitrogen fertilizer (25-0-11).  This promotes root growth this fall and an early spring green up.
  4.  Dormant lawn seeding is an option for those areas of the lawn that did not recover from drought or insect damage.

Trees and Shrubs

  1. After the first heavy frost, it is prime time to prune disease-susceptible plants and trees such as crabapples and oaks.  The diseases have gone dormant. and therefore can not be spread throughout the tree or to other trees.
  2. Fertilize all your plants with a good fertilizer (18-3-6 with micro-nutrients).   This helps to reduce any stress the plant may have and gets it off to a good start in the spring.
  3. All evergreen plants should be watered heavily just before the ground freezes to help prevent winter burn.
  4. Now is the time to cut down your perennials to ground level leaving just a few inches of plant crown.
  5. Flowering shrubs can be pruned for shape, structure, and size easily now as the leaves drop (except spring blooming varieties)
  6. All plants susceptible to winter damage (holly, boxwood, rodos) can be vapor guarded or wrapped with burlap to prevent the winter winds from drying them out (winter burn).

Other Items Around the Yard

  1. After leaf drop is finished is a great time to clean eves troughing, gutters, tiles & bubble drains.
  2. Clean leaves and litter from egress window wells, recessed areas ,driveway culverts, and walkout basement drains ensuring proper drainage

As always, we can help with any of your outdoor needs!  If you need assistance with getting your landscape ready for winter, give us a call!