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Getting started is easy!  Simply give us a call or email us to tell us a little about your project.  You’ll find our staff knowledgeable, easy to work with, and enthusiastic about helping you transform your ideas into the landscape you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether you’re looking for a free quote for some basic enhancements or for full scale design and construction, the process begins the same way…with a call or a note.

You’ll find a brief description of the rest of the process below.  Click on the tabs to explore each step.

The Design Process:

1. Give Us A Call

You can speak with a designer about the basics of your project, such as where it’s located, the type work you were thinking of having done, etc. We’ll be happy to answer any initial questions you may have about your project or about us.  During this call we’ll also probably be able to give you an idea as to whether your project will require any design work, or whether it may simply be a matter of providing you with a free estimate. You can decide during this conversation whether you’d like to meet on-site to explore your options in more detail.

2. On-Site Visit

There’s no charge for an initial visit, and you can explain your goals in as much or as little detail as you’d like.  Some of our clients have very specific ideas of what they’d like, some are looking for inspiration from the ground up, and others fall somewhere in between. We’ll listen, ask questions, take notes and offer suggestions.  We’ll also review some of Reder Landscaping’s past projects to show you how we might have addressed similar situations and to give you a sense of the design results you can expect.  Finally we’ll discuss time frames and budgets. We can design a landscape to suit almost any budget, from basic necessities to resort-level environments, and we can install them all at once or in phases over several seasons.

3. Start a Design or Quote

If you’re comfortable with how things went during the on-site visit and you feel that you and your designer are on the same page, you can ask that plans be started (or for a quote*). In the case of design work we’ll request a retainer, the amount of which will be based on the size and scope of the project, and which will be credited toward the installation of your plan.

Next we’ll ask for any site information you may have available, such as house blueprints, plot plans, etc. We’ll provide you with a schedule for the completion of your plan, and we’ll get started with measurements, photos and drawings.

  • *Quotes are prepared at no charge if they involve only simple measurements or in cases where you provide a design. We’ll be able to tell you on the phone or during our first visit whether we can provide you with a free quote.

4. Review Plans/Quote

When the plans are complete your designer will review them with you. If you’ve requested a concept plan you’ll see a preliminary layout showing approximate size and placement of paving, structures, plant beds, etc, along with an approximate budget. This will help you determine whether we’re on the right track, or whether some revision is necessary before refining the details. In the case of final plans, you’ll see detailed, scale drawings, examples of the materials we’re proposing, and a very specific quote and construction proposal.

5. Install

When you’re ready for installation we’ll ask for a construction deposit to schedule your project, and we’ll begin ordering materials. Once we get started you can expect regular contact with your designer and project foreman, who will keep you informed on all phases of the installation.

6. Enjoy!

When your project is complete we will provide you with a warranty and detailed instructions on the care of your new landscape, as well as information on our landscape care programs.
And, because we value your feedback on all aspects of our services, we will be checking in with you periodically after your project is complete to make sure that everything is performing to your highest expectations. All of this is part of our commitment to guarantee your 100% satisfaction!